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A few years ago, I found myself unintentionally classifying almost every woman or girl I knew into one of five magical characters: Mermaid, Fairy, Unicorn, Witch or Princess. My mind just kept doing it all the time like it was The Sorting Hat on autopilot! But I didn't think about why too much, I just used the inspiration as themes and collections in my swim line. Recently, I started thinking more about what they meant to me and what were their particular traits, and so I've developed my own little mythology around it.

The way I think about it is that each character represents a different Elemental- I see them as feminine nature spirits that come in as part of our human souls and give us different enchantments and superpowers. We all have all 5 of them, but usually 1 or 2 dominating types. The idea is to learn about each one so we can activate those energies in ourselves when we need them.



Before reading, you can take this short QUIZ to find your type!

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I believe most people have more than one dominating type, so you may want to take the quiz twice: one time with your first choice and and then again with your second choices. If there is a question that has a very clear answer for you, keep it the same the second time you take the quiz.

The following are short descriptions of each type, keep in mind that it's just a personal mythology and not based on other works of elementals, nor is it meant to be used as a psychological tool but just for fun!
"The Mermaid"
Element: Water


Values: Beauty through Harmony.

The Mermaid flows through life in a state of romance and enchantment. She understands that beauty has it's own vibration which creates harmony. It's important for her to keep her senses stimulated, if not, her desire for movement can become internalized and cause inner emotional dramas. She must learn to efficiently manage her fluidity- positive surroundings and a mindset of optimism can make all of the difference. When she reaches these levels of depth, she is given the wonderful gift of experiencing the sheer delight of existence. Her mission is simply to share this gift with the world through exuberant gratitude, passing on that joy to others with everything that she does and creates. 

In human form, the water elementals need to find  balance between the desire to be in perpetual movement and the constancy that it takes to materialize ideas. In a sense, she has to figure out how to be anchored without becoming landlocked. 

"The Fairy"
Element: Earth

Values: Growth through Curiosity.

The Fairy has a highly observant and curious mind making her intelligent and understanding. She is a natural problem solver- the world is a wonderful puzzle that is endlessly interesting to figure out and put together in new ways. Because her soul comes from this ecosystem she is fascinated by the interaction of the flora and fauna kingdoms and how everything is connected and works perfectly. 

This type is interested in being an active participant in the world and will likely enjoy work that uses both her mind and hands. In human form, the Fairy can get caught up in human impulses such as worrying or overplanning. Because this type will only be happy when working or creating something, she may be tricked into using her talents for the wrong reasons and find herself feeling out of kilter. It's very important for her work to be in service of her heart's ideals. When she finds work that feels like play, she will be like a bee making honey. 

"The Unicorn"
Element: Air

Values: Love through Self-Expression.

The Unicorn is the gentlest of the elementals and she comes into the world to lift it up by giving love. She is an empath which can make her extremely sensitive to the darkness and heaviness of this material dimension. As the purpose of her soul is to give light, she cannot achieve happiness by closing herself off from others out of fear. The way to achieve this for her is through radical self love and deep self acceptance. Like a unicorn she is rare and may be eccentric or think in ways that others don't get. This is a gift that can often be felt as a curse in lower vibrational circles. It's important for her to really allow herself to be free and express herself without fear. 

More than the element of air representing just wind, it can be understood in the literary term of ether; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds where rainbows are formed. Metaphorically, her purpose can be seen as getting to a place where her energy becomes so clear that when it's hit by light it turns into a rainbow. 

"The Witch"
Element: Fire


Values: Truth through Guidance.

She is highly empathic like the Unicorn but has the ability to handle more darkness, allowing her to go deeper into the unpleasant things that people need to heal. She has highly developed intuition and she interprets life through symbols, knowing that everything is connected and there are endless realms and layers of reality. She knows that everyone has a destiny but part of the test is to find it; since she can see what most people cannot, it is part of her own destiny to be a wayshower to others. 

I chose to  give her the title "The Priestess" because to me she represents the opposite of what a priest is supposed to be in institutions. She is spiritual yet she doesn't see God the way most religions do, but more as a mysterious life force that she does not need to define or know the source of the information she is given. I also gave her this name because in modern institutional religions women are not allowed high rankings of priesthood- why? What they are telling us is that women aren't holy enough to receive the word of The Divine. The Witch defies this. I suspect men were jealous of the power of feminine intuition and they linked it to evil. The other reason is that priests are meant to guide us, but instead of giving sermons or listening to a confession- a true witch has the power to see your soul because she has extremely strong empathy. A Priestess Witch can open the door and guide you through the mysteries in a way that a priest never could. 


"The Queen"
Element: Metal

Values: Strength through Connection. 

I gave this type the title "The Queen" not because I support monarchies or empires, but because she reminds me of The Empress card in the Major Arcana of the tarot. She represents leadership, regality, femininity, creation, strength and abundance. 

There is a strong energy force within her and she is a natural leader. She knows and loves herself and can recognize the talents of others. Out of the five types, she's the one with the most masculine energy, but while she is strong she is also feminine; which is what makes her different than a king. Male energy builds quickly, focuses on the goal and nothing else, and has little regard for the impact. Her building is balanced out through her matriarchal spirit, which may create slower but focuses on community and will protect and lift up those around her. Because her creative force is based on love and not self service, everything she touches she improves. For this reason she may also be associated with the archetype of The Alchemist or The Magician. 


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