A Mermaid at Home

Posted on June 19 2017

The Seashell House is so special to me, not just because I have devoted the last 6 years to mermaid imagery and inspiration but because of it's story and location as well. This house is located on the small island of Isla Mujeres close to my home town of Cancun, Mexico. Whenever we went to the island as kids we would go by the shell house and just stare at it and wonder who lived in it and why it was there. As our photographer Azu said, finally going inside was like a childhood goal achieved!

We stayed here once to shoot part of our video and lookbook"Seashell Spells" and another time for a wedding on the island. I became friendly with the owner, Raquel who is such a lovely woman. We went back to take some photos of the house for her and she let us take a few for ourselves too. I ended up modeling myself in some of my favorite designs in the shop this summer kind of pretending that it's "Margarita's Crib" :)

I'm usually not too comfortable in front of the camera but Tania made me up so good that I felt like a Mermaid Queen inside my Shell Palace. 

The Seashell House (Casa Caracol is it's official name in Spanish) is just as amazing inside as it is outside. If you love mermaids you should definitely stay here for a couple of nights and visit my beautiful hometown! You casually book it on Airbnb if it isn't full months in advance!

































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