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Posted on March 01 2017

We are very honored to have been featured in the awesome magazine Galore. They did a write-up on our Spring film and and interview with our designer, Margarita Calderon.

From the write up:

"The movie is part The Little Mermaid, part The Virgin Suicides, telling the story of what happens when a sailor boy meets a mysterious girl in the water.

They quickly fall in love on land, but will it be enough to keep this mermaid landlocked, or will she say, see you later boy and high tail it back to the sea?"

From the interview:

"What’s the biggest thing you hope people take away from seeing this film?
That when they see the suits we design they’ll also see a story behind it. Swimwear many times represents a vacation from daily life, I’d like my line to represent a vacation from this world into a dreamy world where Mermaids and sailors fall in love. I also think it would be cool if more designers teamed up with artists like Hana to bring more art to the fashion world by advertising with it."

Check out the full feature HERE!


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