BTS and Interview with our Spring muse: Emma Dewing

Posted on March 01 2017

Sometimes it's good to shake things up and do something different, this is what my creative mind was asking for for the Spring collection. I really wanted something closer to nature and more raw so we did lots of neutrals, fishnet, leather textures and incorporated natural seashells into the designs. The rest was a sexy/island girl/brooke shields in The Blue Lagoon look and it feels so refreshing! We also took a different route in our campaign- we made a short film and focused a lot on the emotions and storytelling part of it with the intention of really putting you in this sexy, island life mood. 

The results of the collection and film have been great and we really want to thank everyone who's shopped, watched and given your feedback and support! If you haven't seen the video you can check it out HERE and you can check out the write-up from Galore Magazine HERE

The beautiful stars of the film are real life couple Emma Dewing and Daniel Hivner. Daniel is a super easygoing surfer/skater with the most relaxed vibe who does everything well effortlessly and looks awesome doing it. Emma is super energetic, funny and interesting to talk to with her many stories to tell about all the amazing things she's done and does. Both these kids are multi-talented rising stars and working with them was so fun and easy and being around their love was touching and inspiring. 

Here is a little interview with my muse Emma Dewing. Keep up with her on her Instagram and listen to her awesome new single "Buttons" on Spotify!

You and I connected over a mutual love of mermaids. What is it that attracts you to mermaids?

I grew up in love with the idea of mermaids and always wanted to be one, ha. I love the ocean and all the unique creatures in it. It's all so beautiful, graceful and mysterious.

You have so many talents and do so much: ballet, singing, modeling, yoga. What's your favorite thing to do and why?

Aw, thank you! What I feel most born to do is is sing, but I truly depend on all these forms of expression.


Anyone who follows you knows you are an amazing athlete. How much time a day do you spend between yoga and ballet? If there was a time when you didn't work out or dance, how did it feel then vs. now?

 I spend probably around one to two hours a day on training weather its taking a class or giving one myself. Sometimes it will be all day between taking yoga and teaching. I got a bad injury when I lived in NYC dancing with a ballet school and ended up taking like a year off, it was awful. I didn't really do anything for a while and it was depressing, so I'm more motivated than ever to take the time to do it whenever I can. I love the feeling of daily growth it makes me feel good about myself and I know that's important.


You and Daniel have such a beautiful bond, and he recently proposed! What's it like to have your soul mate so young? When did you know that Daniel was the one? 

You're so sweet! Daniel and I are truly best friends so it all just feels so right and to us. It didn't take us long to both know we were always going to be together.


What did you like most about shooting "She Comes With The Tide"? Do you see yourself doing more acting in the future?

Ahh it was such a amazing experience! The whole thing was inspirational to me, from getting to do the film with Daniel, the beautiful locations, the most perfect mermaid collection, and getting to work this the most awesome team of women. And yes, I definitely do want to do more acting.

What woman do you admire the most?

I'd have to say the woman I really look up to my the most is my mom. I admire the way she goes through life with such grace and selflessness.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself doing all the things that I love to do now but hopefully sharing it with lots more people. I'd want to sing on lots of stages and see the world with Daniel.


Tarzan and Jane


About to jump!


Our director, Hana Haley showing Emma how to be serenaded.


Lovely hair and make-up by Tania Tagle










In Love


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